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Medium Duty Racking Metal Panels vs Wooden Panels vs Wire Mesh Decking

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-10-18      Origin: Site

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When developing a storage solution, selecting the right medium-duty racking is pivotal. Among the top choices are Metal Panels, Wooden Panels, and Wire Mesh Decking. Let's explore the pros and cons of each, shedding light on which is best for your needs.

Wire Mesh Decking Medium Duty Racking

Advantages of Wire Mesh Decking Medium Duty Racking

1. Unlike the other two types of medium duty racks, smoke and heat can rise through the wire deck, and when water is sprayed, the water can easily flow into the storage area. For fire safety reasons, wire mesh panels are a better choice.

2. Metal wire mesh is more cost effective, which is a cost-effective solution for medium-sized applications.

3. The open design of the wire mesh allows for better air circulation and reduces dust and debris.

4. The penetration of more light can improve visibility, which not only allows you to view goods and read labels and tags on pallets relatively easily, but also effectively prevents complete accidents caused by low visibility.

5. Relatively light weight, which can effectively reduce transportation costs.

Wire mesh decking Medium-Duty-Racking-Longspan-Shelving


1. Wire mesh decking may not be suitable for extremely heavy items.

2. Although sturdy, they are not as strong as metal panels and may require more frequent replacement.

3. Smaller items may slip off the grid, making them less suitable for certain storage needs.

Metal Panels medium duty racking

Advantages of Metal Panels medium duty racking

1. Low maintenance and easy to clean. It doesn't have many hollows like metal wire mesh, so you don't have to worry about the hollows being cleaned when cleaning.

2. Metal panels can withstand heavy loads and are known for their superior strength and durability, making them an excellent choice for heavy-duty storage.

3. Compared with the other two types, sheet metal racks have a longer service life and can withstand wear and tear more effectively, making them a long-term investment.

4. The reflective properties of metal will brighten the warehouse and increase visibility.



1. Due to strong thermal and cold conductivity, extreme weather may affect the temperature of metal panels, making them unsuitable for placing items that are easily affected by temperature.

2. The weight is heavier and the transportation cost is relatively high.

Wooden panels medium duty racking

Advantages of Wooden panels medium duty racking

 1. The appearance of wooden shelves is beautiful and can be integrated with the modern store environment. Through aesthetic visual experience, customers can increase their interest in the product and stimulate their potential purchase desire, thereby achieving effective marketing.

2. The plasticity of wood and the diversity of wood make wooden panels medium duty racking more flexible in design. They can be customized according to different needs and spaces to suit specific display needs. From simple modern designs to traditional classical styles, wooden shelves can present a variety of styles to meet the requirements of different business environments.

3. No need to worry about oxidation corrosion.

4. Wooden panels have natural shock absorption capabilities, which is beneficial for certain delicate items.

wooden panel Medium-Duty-Racking-Longspan-Shelving-800-800


 1. Generally speaking, once the wooden panel racks are formed, they are inconvenient to disassemble, which greatly increases the difficulty of transporting the shelves. If they are discarded directly, it will lead to an increase in secondary costs.

2. The load-bearing capacity of wooden panel racks is weaker than that of metal panel racks.

3. Compared with metal, wooden panel racks have extremely poor fire resistance and are not suitable for storing flammable items.

4. Lower quality wooden panel racks may have problems with mold, warping or cracking

In conclusion, the choice of medium-duty racking panel depends on your specific needs, budget, and the nature of items to be stored. Wire mesh decking excels in fire safety and cost-effectiveness, metal panels in strength and durability, and wooden panels in aesthetics and versatility. Choose wisely to optimize your storage space efficiently. For more quality content, consider supporting our work at this link. Your support fuels our creativity.

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