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The reliable manufacturer of custom cantilever racks system

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-11      Origin: Site

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cantilever racks manufacturer

Professional Manufacturer of Cantilever Racks in China

As a top cantilever racks manufacturer and supplier in China, we manufacture all kinds of cantilever racks. We supply cantilever racks, double sides arm cantilever racking, heavy-duty cantilever racking, indoor storage cantilever racking, outdoor storage cantilever racking and single side arm cantilever racking with various sizes options. 

With 10+ years of cantilever racks production experience, we know how to produce cantilever racks, and we know which production process may arise problems. All our processes from raw material purchase, production, inspection to shipment strictly comply with IS09001:2008 quality management system. Working with us, you will never worry about quality issues.

WLD cantilever racks provide an excellent storage solution. Can provide ideal configuration according to your needs and storage space, our cantilever racks can maximize the space in the vertical and horizontal directions, providing you with economical and efficient storage and retrieval system. In addition, our full structural steel structure ensures that your storage investment has a long service life.

Why Choose a Cantilever Racking System over a Pallet Rack System?

Cantilever racks are specially produced for long materials, plates, tubes, irregular-sized goods, and super-long materials. Less columns, higher space utilization, no columns in the aisle, only use cantilever to access the goods, and can be made into a double-sided cantilever.

For example, large wooden materials and steel materials are not only super-long but also super-heavy. The spacing between the columns of general shelves is relatively short, and long objects cannot be put in. And access is inconvenient. The column of the cantilever racking system is in the middle or on one side, and the side where the stored and stored items are placed will not be affected by the jamming of the column or erection interference. The cantilever spacing can be adjusted according to the length of the cargo. Therefore, the cantilever racking system is more free and diversified when storing items.

Minimize the amount of storage space occupied, while maximizing the density of vertical and horizontal space. Make full use of the higher lifting capacity and operating capacity of the current lifting equipment. Avoid product loss/damage loss by bypassing the accumulation method of ground storage and stacking. By improving access to storage space, the processing time is reduced and inventory control/management efficiency is improved. As the length, height and volume of the load increase, the economy of savings is significantly improved. The installation is simple, the maintenance cost is low, and it is sturdy and durable, which can extend the service life of the cantilever shelf.

Long tubes are stacked on the ground and occupy a large messy area. It is not convenient to access and inventory. The telescopic cantilever racks have multiple storage positions to arrange the long tubes. The long tubes are neatly placed on the shelves. The number of long tubes is clear and the type standards are accurate. Workers can find them directly. Access, will not load the wrong material, and will find the tubes to be used very quickly.

Cantilever shelves are mostly used in the machinery manufacturing industry and building materials supermarkets.

Cantilever Racks System vs Pallet Racking System

The characteristic of the cantilever rack is that it does not have columns and beams to form a structural frame like a normal rack, but is composed of a combination of columns and cantilevers, and the cantilever spacing is adjusted according to the length of the goods.

The load-bearing of the cantilever rack is on the middle column (double sided arm cantilever racking) or one side (single sided cantilever rack), so even if the cantilever rack is placed on the shelf, it is no different from the box rack. However, the box rack There are both sides of the column, and the cantilevered shelf is subject to the load-bearing strength of the cantilever. If the object is heavier, it is prone to roll. There is no cover on the side where the items are accessed, so it is not suitable to pile up too high items, which are prone to slipping.

The structure of the cantilever rack

The structure of the cantilever rack

The components of a cantilever shelf include columns, base Profiles, locating pins, arms, horizontal and diagonal braces, brace and floor brackets, nuts and bolts, arm plugs, front base plates and optional end stops

The cantilever can be single-sided or double-sided. The cantilever rack has the characteristics of stable structure, good load capacity, and high space utilization.

The cantilever rack is composed of a cantilever mounted on a column. The cantilever can be fixed or movable.


A cantilever racking system can choose whether to add a board. The additional shelf of our cantilever racking system will add beams between the cantilevers according to the actual situation and the length and load-bearing performance of the cantilever to enhance the stability of the shelf and increase the stress points of the shelf to improve the safety of stored items.

After adding shelves, it is especially suitable for warehouses with small space and low height. It is easy to manage, has a wide view, and has a higher utilization rate than ordinary shelves. The original cantilever rack without shelves only relied on the cantilevers to support long tubes and other objects, and each cantilever was hollow. For example, plastic pipes are not as rigid as steel pipes. During the placement of plastic pipes, the flexible pipes will be deformed. After the shelf is added, the plastic pipes will have a uniform force on the plastic pipes, which is conducive to the storage of the plastic pipes.

Cantilever racks system assembly method

The steel structure of the cantilever rack is composed of a column, a beam, a cantilever beam, and a base. The base is fixedly connected to the ground, and the cantilever is extended on both sides of the vertical column. The cantilever and the upright column adopt plug-in or bolt connection type, and the base and the upright column adopt bolt connection type.

  1. The base of the cantilever rack is made of H-shaped steel or special profiles.

  2. Cantilever racks use special profiles as the base.

  3. The column of the cantilever rack is butt welded together with two pieces of C-shaped steel.

  4. The latter process is sprayed. Before spraying, perform shot blasting to remove oil and rust, and then spray.

Materials used for cantilever racks

  • Between the base and the column: The base and the column are connected by bolts, and the base is made of cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel.

  • The columns are mostly H-shaped steel or cold-rolled steel.

  • Cantilever adopts square tube, cold-rolled steel or H-shaped steel.

Cantilever racks system classification

According to the carrying capacity, it can be divided into three types: lightweight cantilever racks system, medium cantilever racks system and heavy cantilever racks system;

According to the structure, it can be divided into single-sided cantilever racks and double-sided cantilever racks.

single-sided cantilever racks

the outdoor storage cantilever racking: single-sided cantilever racks

Features of cantilever racks

  • It is only suitable for the storage of long strips or long rolls.

  • It is necessary to cooperate with the handling equipment with a wide fork distance, such as a side forklift with a large fork distance.

  • The shelf height is limited, generally below 6m.

  • The space utilization rate is low, about 35%-50%.

  • Storage type: long strips and long rolls.

  • The adjustable column can adjust the distance between the arms and increase or decrease the number of arms according to the actual cargo height.

The reliable manufacturer of custom cantilever racks system

Selection method of cantilever racks system

According to the weight of each layer of the stored products and the total storage weight of each group of shelves, select the corresponding level of racks.

It is decided according to different access methods. If it is manual access, a medium or light cantilever racks system must be selected. On the contrary, if forklift access is required, heavy cantilever racks need to be considered.

Judging by the height of the warehouse and the utilization rate of the storage space, when the height is high and the storage utilization rate is high, heavy-duty cantilever racks should be selected. Otherwise, choose lightweight cantilever racks system and medium cantilever racks system.

When determining the plane size, elevation, beam grid and column network layout of the platform structure, in addition to meeting the requirements for use, the layout of beams and columns should also consider the equipment load on the platform and the location of other larger concentrated loads and the location of large-diameter industrial pipelines, hanging and so on.

The layout of the platform structure should be economical and reasonable, and the force transmission should be direct and clear. The layout of the beam grid should be adapted to its span. When the span of the beam is large, the spacing should also be increased. Make full use of the allowable span of the plank and arrange the beam grid reasonably to achieve better economic results.

Customized racks provide overall solutions for cantilever storage racks

We have a strong professional level and strict operation process for the production plan:

  • The technicians inspect the warehouse on site, measure the size on the spot, or plan according to the warehouse drawings provided by the customer.

  • Combining the needs of customers with reasonable planning, tailor-made overall design schemes and complete logistics racking solutions, etc.

  • Quality assurance, the company has strong technical force and advanced production equipment.

  • The comprehensive department performs cost accounting to give the most superior price, and after the customer's review of the final plan and quotation, the contract is signed.

  • The technical department assigns production tasks according to the production plan. Our professional inspection team will strictly test the quality of each batch of products as an experiment, and finally the inspectors will pass the inspection before they are put into the warehouse.

Safety and quality assurance of cantilever racking system

Safety analysis of cantilever racks:

Force diagram of cantilever rack

Force analysis of cantilever beam

The maximum bending moment of the cantilever beam is M1=q 2/2. At the connection node of the cantilever beam and the column, the maximum bending stress σ 1=M1/W1 on the cantilever beam, W1 is the bending section coefficient of the cantilever beam. Because it is a purely curved beam, the bending stress of the beam at this time is the normal stress. At the same time, it can be obtained that the deflection of the cantilever beam at point C is ωc=q 4 (8EI 1), I 1 is the moment of inertia of the cantilever beam cross-section to the neutral axis, and the maximum deflection of the cantilever beam is /300, that is, ωc=q 4 (8EI 1) 1) ≤/300.

Column force analysis

The maximum bending moment of the column is 22 M = ql 2+2qlx. At the joint between the cantilever beam and the column, the maximum bending stress on the column is 2 2 2 σ = M W, W2 is the bending section coefficient of the column. The maximum bending stress on the column under full load.

The key to the design of cantilever beam racking is the selection of columns and cantilever beam components. The cross-sectional shape of the member is different, and the bending section coefficient Wz is also different. When selecting economical and reasonable cross-sections, the ratio Wz /A is generally used to measure the rationality and economy of the cross-sectional shape, where A represents the cross-sectional area. By comparing the Wz/A values of several standard profiles such as round, rectangular, and I-beam, the cantilever beams and columns use I-beams with good bending resistance and economic performance, and the crossbeams use rectangular tubes.

Cantilever racking system simulation analysis

In the rack analysis, the main considerations are: when the rack is fully loaded, the normal stress and deflection of the rack column and cantilever beam; when the rack is fully loaded on one side, the bending stress and deflection of the rack column and cantilever beam. Since the bending stress of the shelf column and the cantilever beam is far greater than the normal stress when the cantilever rack is loaded, this article mainly analyzes the stress and deflection of the rack under the condition of one-sided full load. The contact between the shelf and the foundation is a fixed connection, which adopts full restraint and restricts all degrees of freedom. The load is applied uniformly to the load-bearing surface of the cantilever beam. The maximum bending axis stress diagram of the cantilever beam and the bending displacement of the cantilever beam are shown in Figure 4. The simulation results show that the maximum bending stress of the cantilever beam is 35.323 MPa and the maximum deflection is 2.0992 mm, both of which meet the design requirements of the cantilever stress and deflection deformation of the shelf.

simulation analysis

Cantilever racking system vibration stability analysis

In the storage process of the rack system, in addition to being subjected to static loads, there will also be impact loads. At the same time, earthquake influence factors must be taken into consideration. Modal analysis of the shelf model is carried out to determine the basic vibration shape and natural frequency of the shelf. In this paper, the maximum static force method is used to find the maximum stress under the shock load when the shelf is fully loaded. The seismic action is vertical vibration and horizontal vibration. The first-order mode is along the horizontal direction, and the other modes are combined modes. Therefore, the first-order mode is taken as the shelf natural frequency f = 1.94 Hz.

A horizontal load in the horizontal direction is applied to the rack to simulate the seismic load. The load is applied along the column arrangement direction and the vertical column arrangement direction respectively, and the simulation results are obtained. The maximum stress of the column is 100.99 MPa, which is lower than the yield strength of the steel, indicating that the shelf can meet the requirements of a magnitude 6 earthquake.

vibration stability analysis


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