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Components Of AS/RS

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-05      Origin: Site

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AS/RS is a complex project, which contains a variety of facilities and management systems:

1. Racks. racks are the main part of automated three-dimensional warehouses. Most of them are high-level three-dimensional racks with a height of more than 30 meters to achieve intensive storage. The storage space of the three-dimensional shelves is quite dense, effectively using the storage space of the enterprise's warehouse. Three-dimensional storage racks mostly adopt the structure of beam shelves, which makes the whole more stable, which can effectively ensure the height extension of the three-dimensional shelves and fast access speed.

2. Storage pallets, pallets are warehousing equipment for intensive storage in AS/RS. The three-dimensional racking space refers to the placement of pallets, and a storage space actually refers to the placement of a pallet. The specifications of pallets used in AS/RS are mostly determined according to the rules of three-dimensional shelves and goods. Pallets are also used as the carrier for the storage and retrieval of goods.

3. Stacking racks and forklifts for tracked roadways. Because automated three-dimensional warehouses are mostly high-level three-dimensional shelves, and are automated control systems, it is difficult for ordinary forklifts to fully adapt to the operations of three-dimensional shelves. The tracked roadway stacking rack can reasonably cooperate with the efficient operation of the automated three-dimensional warehouse. Forklifts are generally used to deposit and withdraw goods at the entrance and exit of the conveyor line.

4. Automated conveyor line. The automated conveying line is generally set in front of the three-dimensional rack, which effectively connects the three-dimensional rack for storing and storing goods. The goods that need to be stored and stored are delivered to the designated location through the automated conveyor line.

5. Management control system. The management control system is the software part of the automated three-dimensional warehouse, which determines that AS/RS can be automated, intelligent and unmanned.

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