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  • Precautions For Rack Installation
    1. Before the racks are transported to the installation site, the installation site needs to be planned and cleaned, and try to reserve a storage area for the racks.2. After the rack is transported to the site, choose a suitable place for storage, and store it in accordance with the order of the ins
  • Rules For The Use Of Heavy Duty Warehouse Pallet Rack
    1. The application of heavy-duty warehouse shelves should avoid very high situations. The deployment of warehouse goods should be slightly lower than the specifications of wooden pallets and goods whose height and layer width have been restricted, that is, a pure indoor space of 100 mm.2. When using
  • Mezzanine
    The neat placement of goods in the warehouse is more conducive to daily work. It can accurately find the place where the goods are stored and use the shortest time to store the goods, which can better improve the efficiency of the enterprise. In the mezzanine rack, the placement of the goods must be
  • Components Of AS/RS
    AS/RS is a complex project, which contains a variety of facilities and management systems:1. Racks. racks are the main part of automated three-dimensional warehouses. Most of them are high-level three-dimensional racks with a height of more than 30 meters to achieve intensive storage. The storage sp

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