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Precautions For Rack Installation

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-05      Origin: Site

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1. Before the racks are transported to the installation site, the installation site needs to be planned and cleaned, and try to reserve a storage area for the racks.

2. After the rack is transported to the site, choose a suitable place for storage, and store it in accordance with the order of the installation parts of the rack.

3. Clean the disassembled packaging materials and waste materials in time during the installation process, and try to keep the installation site tidy.

4. During the shelf installation, pay attention to the flatness of the ground. If there are potholes, be sure to maintain the stability of the shelf to avoid dangerous situations during shelf storage.

5. The shelf installation should be constructed according to the drawing. When any discrepancies in the site or design are found during construction, they should be raised in time, and construction can only be carried out after approval of changes. In the process of transportation, pay attention to lifting and placing gently to avoid damage to the shelf and paint off.

6. After the shelf installation is completed, perform a detailed inspection of the installation site to eliminate possible dangers as early as possible. If necessary, clean the shelf again.

7. The various measuring and testing instruments, instruments, meters and equipment used in the shelf installation should comply with the current national measurement regulations, and their accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level required by the installation.

8. The installation and construction of racks should be based on the original.

9. The concealed project before the shelf installation should be inspected before the project is concealed, and the construction can be continued after being qualified.

10. Self-inspection should be carried out during shelf installation.

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