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Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-12-05      Origin: Site

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The neat placement of goods in the warehouse is more conducive to daily work. It can accurately find the place where the goods are stored and use the shortest time to store the goods, which can better improve the efficiency of the enterprise. In the mezzanine rack, the placement of the goods must be distinguished according to the performance of the goods, and the ones that should be hung are best not to be laid flat. Casual extrusion may cause damage to the goods. It is best to organize bulk goods according to certain rules, and then arrange them neatly without looking too messy, which can be more convenient when looking for them.

At the same time, the mezzanine shelf must leave a certain gap between the goods when placing the goods, that is to say, there is a gap between each piece of goods, so that when we pick one of them, we will not be connected. On the contrary, it makes the warehouse more messy. At the same time, the goods can be seen more clearly. Although we arrange the goods according to certain rules, if we can directly see them from far away during the search process, we can save a lot of time.

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