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WLD Radio Shuttle Introduction

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-12-15      Origin: Site

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Introduction of Radio Shuttle and Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio Shuttle Racking System is a superior option as compared to mezzanine, drive-in racking or pallet flow racking. The Radio Shuttle are heavy duty, durable, reliable and the Radio Shuttle racking greatly improve space utilization and help reduce labor. The Radio shuttle is powered by Lithium iron phosphate battery and charging systems. This revolutionary technology has been installed around the globe with proven results for over a decade.

The Radio Shuttle consists of mechanical systems and electrical systems. A combination of the mechanical parts from the cart body, lifting table, limit wheels and driving wheels, etc; Electrical system consists of PLC, servo drive systems, low-voltage electrical, sensors, remote controls, push button signal combination, battery-powered systems and so on.

Introduction of Radio Shuttle and Radio Shuttle Racking System

Features of Radio Shuttle

Our Radio Shuttle is based on aboard advanced technology, and improved according to the actual usage and lots of experiments, which works with aboard excellent performance and meet more with customers’ requirements.

  • Body is made of gas-shielded welding, and high strength bolt connection

  • Reliable and practical, commonality, easy adjustment and maintenance

  • Appearance: powder coating, internal: full-chrome coating

  • DC servo operation speed, speed curve smooth, good operating stability

  • Manual and automatic modes

  • Reliable and complete safety device

  • Self-lubricating materials for mechanical parts, easy maintenance

  • Polyurethane wheels – low noise and wear-resistant

  • large-capacity lithium battery, no memory effect, long life, fully recharged up to 1,000 times

  • Easily adjust the distance between the pallets from 20 to 200mm

  • Variety of pallet in one lane

  • Open design of mechanical and electrical components

  • Forklift limited plate to make sure the shuttle is operated smooth and safe

  • Custom wireless remote control for easy and intuitive operation, the maximum operating distance of 100m.

  • Imports of German laser positioning; Little affected by environment and good anti-interference ability

  • The auxiliary control coder to make the system more stable and reliable

  • Intelligent control, can make best solution according to the shuttle cart’s current location and status

Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System

  • Imported of Germany laser detection and location, little affected by environment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of positioning. Non-necessary to drill in the rail

  • Allow mixed usage of pallets, such as steel pallets, wooden pallets, plastic pallets; automatic identification of pallet size and do corresponding adjustment action

    Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System 1  Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System 2  Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System 3

  • Imported Germany photoelectric sensor with background suppression, and can identify a variety of colors of objects, and perforated plastic pallets;

  • Self-test function, if there is anything wrong, the shuttle cart itself will test and alarm;

  • The auxiliary control coder, a double guarantee to make the system running more stable, smooth and reliable. Easy adjustment

  • Integration of sound and light, easy to know the Radio Shuttle cart’s location and status

    Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System 4

  • Inventory and counting function; Real-time displaying by remote control, easy to calculate the pallet location in every lane; Continuous inventory

    Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System 5

  • Intelligent input: May load the pallet in the end of lanes in wrong location, the shuttle cart will automatic adjust itself and identify the pallet’s location, and complete the input successfully even if the goods are squeezed. Enable continuous storage, customers can be free to set the time interval;

  • Intelligent shift design: FIFO or FILO can be achieved by remote control’s the shift function; When the shift’s action is finished, it will continue previous action

  • Intelligent output: Two modes; one is the Radio Shuttle cart output the pallet when it test there is no pallet in the output of the lane; the other is continuous output. When the Radio Shuttle find the pallet in wrong location, it will adjust its location automatically; output of a specified number pallet. The current output of pallet number will be displayed in the remote control and maintained the date without power

  • Absolute cryogenic design: The system uses low-temperature resistance design, with moisture-proof function, and without heating device can work at low temperature -25 ℃, 100% reliability;

  • Standard design: Set various parameters by remote control to meet various requirement. Make the application more flexible;

  • Anti-collision function by mounting three sensors with background suppression on each side, background suppression sensor is sensitivity of small black and white objects, and more reliable.

    Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System 6

  • The Radio Shuttle cart runs with control of smooth curve speed to ensure it run quickly and stably. Empty:1.0m/s,Full load:0.8m/s. ( max speed in China)

  • Common max load capacity is 1500kgs, Ours is 2000kgs.

  • Higher efficiency: minimum the waste time by reducing lots of low-speed operation

  • Limit wheel with stepless adjustment: adjustment in place with a locking device when there is installation errors; once locked, available for 2 or 3 years.

  • Forced operation function: once there is object appears in the lanes and affect the laser’s detection; please force the shuttle to run to the end of the lanes, you can pick it out without rescue vehicles;

  • Equipment inside are nickel plated, which are anti-rust and corrosion, especially good for the food storage solution

  • Low temperature lithium iron phosphate batteries, higher efficiency than conventional lithium battery.

    Benefit of Radio Shuttle Racking System 7

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