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What is pallet racking system?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-03-26      Origin: Site

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What is pallet racking system?

Pallet racking is to save goods storage space and increase warehouse utilization efficiency. A three-dimensional storage facility consisting of brackets, partitions or brackets.

Pallet racking systems are the most common and widely used storage racks. It consists of trays to hold items on the column support, so people call it pallet racking. This is the earliest warehouse storage system. At present, on the basis of pallet racking systems, a variety of rack storage systems suitable for different scenarios have evolved.

Basic components of pallet racking

The main components are:

  • Cross beams, connecting pillars to support the cargo.

  • The footing connects the cargo rack and the ground to make the cargo rack more stable.

  • The column used to support the full weight of the racking.

  • Column protection angle to protect the racking column from the forklift.

Optional accessories:

  • Stringer, supporting cargo.

  • Spacer, used for the connection between the racking and the racking or between the racking and the wall.

  • Steel plate, laid flat between the beams to place the goods.

Types of pallet racking system

Teardrop Pallet Racking

According to the structure type, the teardrop pallet racking system commonly exists in the racking system.

The teardrop pallet racking is a teardrop hole shelf with a hole spacing of 50.8 mm (2 inches), which is the most popular shelf in the United States. The racking system can use ordinary diesel forklifts, electric forklifts and front forklifts, etc., and the warehouse space utilization rate is about 35%. Using this kind of shelf, by adjusting the height of the beam to adapt to the height of various pallet goods, it can be conveniently stored or retrieved at any location.

Teardrop pallet racks have high compatibility. The beam-column connection design is compatible with other teardrop-type pallet racks used for protection. It has good support and impact resistance and can be repaired without unloading the rack. Save time cost and labour. The principle of gravity is used to improve the safety of cargo storage, and the load is safe and stable. The height of the beam is easy to adjust, and the height can be adjusted according to demand, which can save space and increase storage density. It is easy to adjust and assemble, no tools are needed, and high efficiency.

American Teardrop Type Pallet Racking 02

Selective Pallet Racking

According to the storage method, the optional pallet rack is a type of storage rack that is widely used. Selective pallet racks can be changed according to your needs and facilities, and each position is a pallet position.

What is selective pallet racking? Selective racking refers to the space left between the racks, and the goods of a single pallet can be selected arbitrarily. In contrast, the shelves are placed side by side, which can only be stored by gravity flow trays or shuttle cars. The items are stored at both ends of the shelves, generally first in, first out, or first in last out. Selective shelves can mix items and visit each pallet separately. It can realize simple inventory rotation and easy reconfiguration.

In the distribution centre, selective racks can be integrated with conveyors and other types of racks to produce picking modules, which help move products quickly through the warehouse or distribution centre. Its main function in the picking module is to supplement the picking area.

Heavy Duty Selective Pallet Racking (2)

VNA Pallet Racking

VNA Pallet Racking is Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking, used in conjunction with specific forklifts, compared with ordinary forklifts, VPA can save 40% of the aisle space. It is a selective racking that stores goods in a vertical space.

VPN Pallet Racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Suitable for a limited number of high-volume trading products, you can choose double deep pallet racking. With sufficient capacity, the two rows of shelves are back-to-back as a group, reducing the number of entry points for forklifts, increasing the depth of the shelves, and greatly increasing the storage capacity of the goods.

Double Deep Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

How to choose the right pallet racking system

Storage density, storage capacity and type of storage product are the three most important factors. We generally have to consider maximizing space utilization while ensuring storage efficiency.

If there are multiple SKU products that need to be stored, you can choose selective pallet racking, which can be sorted inside, and the storage capacity is large, so it can be well used for the storage of multiple products. When sorting, the forklift can drive-in, which can realize quick picking and sorting. At the same time, consider the type of forklift and the width and height of the aisle, and whether the forklift can drive into a narrow aisle. Different systems allow the use of forklifts of different sizes and different heights.

The amount of stored goods is large, and a high-density pallet racking system needs to be selected. The high-density pallet racking system can maximize storage in each unit.

Safer storage systems

The installation and use of the safety of the racking is very important. When choosing a racking, it should be selected according to the actual situation, and it must not be overloaded. Racking safety accessories are also essential and play a major role in responding to emergencies. Protect the racking from impacts and other factors, causing safety accidents. Avoid the goods from slipping, tilting and rolling off.

The optional safety accessories are:

  • The foot guard protects the racking

  • and the bottom of the column from collision, and the internal elastic structure can protect the forklift and the ground at the same time.

  • A-pillar protective cover, abs elastic energy-absorbing material, effectively protect the safety of the working surface of the column.

  • Spanning beams and pallets support structural parts to avoid safety hazards caused by excessive pallet deflection.

  • Drum holder: If there are drum-shaped items, you can store the drum-shaped goods to prevent rolling.

  • Steel layer net: used to place small pieces, scattered or irregular cargo pallets, to avoid the danger of falling cargo.

  • Pallet limit gear lever: help forklift drivers to find the accurate pallet position.

  • Back-sealing net: to avoid the danger caused by the falling of the goods.

  • Elastic protection column: The elastic energy-absorbing column can effectively protect the collision part and the safety of the forklift.


How to install pallet racking systems

  • Customize pallet racks and obtain CAD design of racking systems in warehouses.

  • Check the goods, confirm that the materials, etc., accessories, etc. are correct.

  • Confirm the professionalism of the installer to ensure the correctness of the installation procedure and the safety of the working environment.

  • Install pallet racking according to drawings and customer requirements.

  • Check whether the installation process is standardized and check the installation effect.

How to assemble pallet racking

Check the installation environment, the thickness of the ground, and confirm the correct position of the rack with the customer. If there are pits on the ground, pay attention to maintaining the stability of the racking. Check lines, etc., to avoid obstacles such as follow-up maintenance lines.

The main parts and accessories are separated according to their types so that subsequent installation can quickly find the required accessories.

Drill holes on the ground to install the base and the pallet beam. Install the two frames first, making sure that the frames are perpendicular to the ground. Then install the beam, which should be installed from the bottom up.

Then install the beam. There should be at least two people working together. One person first inserts the beam into the hole of the frame at one end, and the other person lifts the beam horizontally, inserts the other end into the hole, and then makes sure that it is firm enough to apply the beam downward. pressure. After the main components are installed, other optional components and safety accessories are installed, and all installations are completed to be checked and tested.


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