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How to choose the pallet racking?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-04-19      Origin: Site

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Pallet Racking Types

The problem of inventory can be well solved by the right pallet racking. A business that wants to increase profits and reduce purchasing costs may lead to insufficient inventory or lower quality merchandise. Reducing management costs can lead to problems such as poor reasoning. Increasing sales is not easy to achieve. Good inventory management can greatly reduce inventory costs and increase profits without changing the ratio of other costs. So how do choose the inventory method to maximize the benefits?

The Types of Goods in Stock

Choose heavy-duty pallet racks if the cargo storage volume is large. If the storage volume is small, light goods, choose medium and light pallet racks. The small number of commodity types need to consider the adjustability of the shelving system, single layer height can be adjusted to adapt to the height of the goods to improve the utilization rate of storage. Goods in and out of the warehouse are not limited by the order of priority. Save space to reserve for forklift and other auxiliary equipment.

Pallet Racking

Timeliness of inventory to consider

For example, fresh food, electronics with faster iterations, etc., should avoid long-term inventory. The longer it takes the less value it will have. Before choosing a shelf need to understand their product updates around the time required to determine that the life cycle of the goods. This way we can roughly confirm the SKU of storage shelves I need and the capacity space required for storage.

Inventory needs to consider space costs

The larger the inventory, the larger the storage space required, so for more goods in stock, you need to choose three-dimensional storage racks. Even in the case of more goods, the number of pallet racks needs to be increased by shortening the aisle before the pallet racks (VNA Pallet Racking) and to ensure easy access to goods, shelving systems such as Radio Shuttle Racking can be used.

Different goods take different costs of pllant racking

Goods storage needs to be managed, and the larger the area the higher the management costs. Partitioning of inventory is necessary. For non-performing goods such as rejects and holdbacks, separate partitions can be used to store goods without occupying costly storage pallet racks and reduce management costs.

The load-bearing structure of steel racks whose working temperature is equal to or lower than -20℃ should not adopt Class A&B of Q235 boiling steel.

The load-bearing components of the shelf structure should be designed according to the ultimate state of carrying capacity and the normal use limit state, and the non-load-bearing components should be set according to the structural requirements.

The methods of inventory management

FIFO racking system can be a good solution to the problem of storage time of stock goods. For customers, the goods purchased have to be used for a certain period within the shelf life. For goods without a clear shelf life, FIFO racking system can always keep the displayed goods fresh. Light duty racking, medium duty racking, narrow aisle racking, gravity racking, radio shuttle racking, etc. can all be selected as FIFO mode.

FIFO racking system applies when the price of the inventory is expected to keep rising, and the inventory sold is matched by the cost of the most recently acquired inventory and its realized sales revenue. The common pallet racks are FILO racking system, drive-in racking system, double-depth pallet racking, etc.

And commodity prices are very little affected by the time factor, then you can choose randomly.

Gravity racking is suitable for zero-in and whole-out or whole-in and whole-out, especially for high-volume in and out, storage, and in and out systems such as articulation with automatic conveyor belts. The price is higher than ordinary pallet racks but relatively lower than automated storage systems.

Pallet Racking Accessories

Wire mesh decking can be securely fastened to the racks, not only distributing weight but also keeping the goods stored smoothly. Although pallet racking can be placed directly on the pallets, if the pallets are not properly placed on the pallet beams or if they are tilted when forklifts access the goods, the pallets may fall and cause accidents. For small parts, you can choose a storage cage, which is easy to install and can be reconfigured at any time without any tools.

The corner should have a safety reserve, in case of forklift collision increase the upper column foot protection, anti-collision bar. Protect the shelves from the impact of improper operation such as a forklift.


Warehouse management software, such as WCS & WMS, enables inventory tracking, management and allocation, etc., with flexibility and the ability to communicate with automated equipment to get the job done.

There are many optional equipment and accessories for the warehouse, which have to be selected according to the actual situation to achieve the best storage effect at the most reasonable cost.

Pallet Racks Dimensions

Selection and measurement of pallet dimensions. The main load-bearing part of pallet racking is the beam, and the goods should be wide with the width of the racking to ensure that the weight of the pallet is mainly pressed on top of the beam. But not too much beyond, and the goods placed on the pallet do not exceed the pallet, affecting traffic and causing safety hazards. The height of the goods stored on the pallet rack needs to be reserved at least 200mm, which is convenient for the fork height of the forklift and the convenience of accessing the goods.

The height of pallet racking should take into account the height of the top of the roof, sufficient space and fire fighting equipment. And if it is equipped with a forklift, it should match the height that can be reached by the forklift.

There is no uniform size of specific pallet racks, and pallet racks need to be developed according to actual needs. Consideration of details can make the process more efficient and convenient in use. We offer customized service for each customer. You can provide us with detailed requirements, such as warehouse building drawings, clear height, pallet size and weight, forklift information, and we will develop a free racking system design plan based on your information to provide you with the best storage solution.


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